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This page contains information to help you make the best use of this website.


Our website accessibility page gives information on the accessible features of this website. The current website is designed to be as accessible as possible to all users and we aim to identify ways in how we can make improvements to this website and any future website.

Navigating the site

Each page on the website has a number of standard features, to assist you to easily navigate around the site.

  • The top navigation bar contains links to standard pages found on most websites, for example the Home page, News, Publications, search page. You can also carry out a quick search using the search panel on the right side of the top navigation area.
  • The right side of some pages contains an information panel that contains a variety of information related to the current page.
  • The bottom navigation bar contains a link to bring you straight back to the top of the page and information on legal notices and FOI.

Site map

The pages on this website are organised by policy or operational area and maintained directly by staff of each of the responsible sections. You can view a detailed site map listing all the different areas of the site.

Contacting us

Please email the webmaster at, if you have an issue or problem with this website, for example, if you find a broken link, or a form is not working.

If you have a query or problem regarding a particular planning case, please contact An Bord Pleanála.

Using the search engine

You can search for the information you are looking for using the sites' search engine. All of the HTML pages on this site are indexed, so if the information you seek is on the site, you should be able to find it. We have provided detailed instructions on how to use the search engine.

Finding old pages

The structure of the website has been partly re-organised from 2017 onwards as a result of feedback and experience of the website since 2007. These changes have been designed to make information easier to find. However, most pages have not moved location and if you have bookmarked particular pages in your browser, these should still work as before. If you cannot find a page that was there before, please contact An Bord Pleanála with as much detail as you can, and we will try to find the page and fix the link again or direct you to the new location..

Last modified: 18/04/2018